Don’t ever change little sparkler…

Shine bright. 

Even when someone leaves you out, or doesn’t include you.

Even when someone makes fun of the way you dress, or wants you to fit into a mold like everyone else. 

Shine bright. 

Even when you are told to stop twirling. 

…to stop singing. 

…to stop dancing. 

Shine bright. 

Even when the tests don’t reflect your beautiful brain. 

Even when you don’t make the team, or get the part.

Shine bright.

Even when people are mean, and tell you you aren’t good enough.

Even when your best friend breaks your heart.

Shine bright. 

Even when you are too short. 

…or too tall. 

…or too pale.

…or too dark.

Shine bright. 

Even when someone calls you mean names. 

Even when someone hurts you, makes you feel small and insignificant. 

Shine bright. 

Even if you aren’t asked to dance. 

Even if he stops loving you. 

Shine bright. 

Even when it’s dark. 

Even when you’re scared. 

Even when you feel alone. 

Shine. Bright.

Because you, my little sparkler, illuminate our whole world. From the moment you were lifted out of my womb you have changed us with your absolute incandescent light- joy upon joy– every single day of your life. 

Your light never went out as you battled through health issues.  You  kept glistening, shining, hoping, and reaching for health…never doubting it would be there. You’ve never doubted healing would come. 

You bring bright twinkle lights and such happiness into your friendships, into the classroom, and everywhere you go. You love so well…freely- openly. People want to know you- they want to be around you- because your love is without condition. Your arms are wide open to the world and you love it all. 

And I hope that as you grow and change, that your light continues toshine around   you.  I hope that you always know that you, little light of mine, are truly a gift of Amazing Grace, from a God who saved me. 

And you saved me…you, my little sparkler- you remind us that God is good. 

You saved us all in so many ways. 

You remind us everyday…God is faithful. And joy is never overrated. 

Shine Bright my Grace. Shine Bright. 

*bottom picture by k Dimoff photography.