My name is Kristin. I write what I know.

I married my best friend DYP, who I’ve been going steady with for 25 years. We have three sons and a daughter who amaze us daily. We also have an beautiful girl in heaven. I am completely flawed and worship a flawless God.

I like coffee, working out, and anything 80’s. I won’t discuss politics, but am always up for a dance party.  I love good mascara and hate wearing a bra. I haven’t slept well in 20 years. I don’t have a uterus anymore, but I have laugh lines for days. If you like Enneagram’s I’m a 2, w 3. My husband is also a 2. So basically we’d like to help you.

I created a little thing called the Revolution of Real, and am overcome by the stories people have shared and the glory of our Great God…Welcome to my Joyful Mysteries.

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