This is a love story. 

But it isn’t about everything coming together. Or anything being close to perfect. It’s about the gift of love when everything didn’t work out…

One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me, was never doubting I was loved…through their divorce, and through them both finding love again. It was rocky, and twisty. Many times. But I learned what love was through it all. 
Yeah some of it was messy, but what part of life isn’t messy and painful? 

The good stuff is what counts. 

Faith, Grace, Hope, and Love is all good stuff. 

And the good stuff is what made me who I am. 

My parents never gave up on love. They didn’t become bitter or hardened. And I never doubted I was loved completely and totally. By my Dad. By my Mom. And by my Papa John, my bonus Dad. 

29 years ago my Parents, Papa John and Mom married. 

And I found as the years passed that God gave me two Dad’s with very different gifts, gifts that I now share with my children. Being a bonus Dad isn’t easy, but Papa John gave love and his faith freely with me every single day. And he loves my Mom so much. He takes more photos than God, and he captures every family event. 

And my Mom, she lives her vows in beautiful incredible ways. She loves so well, and prays more than any person I’ve ever met. She’s taught me to talk to God on the good and bad days, and has given me a relationship with God that is as natural as breathing. Truly. My daughter also looks exactly like her so I get to see and think of my Mom every single day. 

I am thankful for their 29 years of marriage(which is also the age I’ve been for 8 years.) 

But they make it look good… They gave us the gift of my little sisters. They live every day through cancer and health. They taught me how to live richer by giving to those with less…they cherish their children and grandchildren in big and small ways. They pray together. And I am so proud to call them mine. 

I am so thankful for the example of my parents. All six of us are. 

16 years ago this week I walked down the aisle with both of my Dad’s at my side…holding me steady towards the Man who was everything I was brought up to look for. 

A Man of Faith, a Man of His Word, a Man of Honor…and a Man who would love me the rest of our lives.  And Waiting there to help them give me away was My Mom. 

And there was so much love. Love that they have gifted to me over and over.

This is a love story. The best kind.

Because it’s the kind of love that God anoints. Even when it didn’t always come together,  it’s the kind of Love that can never be doubted. 

It’s the kind of Love that stands the test of time. 

It’s the only kind of Love I’ve ever known. 

Happy 29th Anniversary. ❤️ thank you.