What I love…

Friends on Vacation who find the perfect gift. 

Not for just anyone.

But for me.

A friend who knows that I wear a Mexican wrestling mask when I do laundry.

And who likes that about me. 

We have been through a lot. Together. 

I told her today I couldn’t imagine my world without her. 

I got all choked up. 

And then so did she. 

Because we are kindred. 

She knows me. She gets me.

And she loves me. 

Like really loves me, even when I’m broken and scattered…she loves me. 

She sees me, on the good and the bad days, and still wants to be near me. 

The best kind of friends stand by you,

Stand up for you,

Look out for you,

And never ever stop showing up. 

The best kind of friends 

Shine light in your dark. 

I have friends like that. 

And I would do the same for them…

Because that’s who a real friend is. 

I don’t need filtered, or perfect, or even perfectly organized laundry…

I’ll keep my piles, and my real…and my Kristie. ❤️