“Let your words be anything but empty.” 

Oh my Sarah Bareilles…that line has been running through my mind, as the cadence of those words beat in my heart.

My plight. In the right now. 

I don’t want to say prayers without conviction. I don’t want to speak down or at people, but speak to them. I don’t want to just tell someone I love them, but mean it, even when it hurts and when it’s hard. I want my words to mean something, and my actions to say something.

I don’t want to stand on a soap box, and speak of things without loving the people who disagree with me, and learning why they feel that way. But I also won’t cower, or grovel to people who only take. I will love them, from a distance, and I will love myself and take care of those that need me. 

I have no time for passive aggressive and negativity. 

I will say “I’m sorry.” And I will say “I forgive you.” And I will work on meaning both. 

And I will not say I like everyone, because I don’t. 

I will not use Empty Words. I will ask someone how they are, and I will look at them, and I will listen. 

I will stare at my children a little longer, and love them a little more. And not take any strand of their hair for granted. 

My words will be anything but empty, because there is never time to take any of it for granted. No moments will be empty. Life will be full, because I have loved more…hoped for better… Believed God…and been brave enough to try. 


My heart and prayers are with San Bernardino. Enough is Enough.