Today I witnessed a Vietnam Vet and a World War II Vet thank each other for their service in the frozen food aisle at Walmart. It was simple, and quick, but made my heart pound. 

I love Brave People. 

I love People who aren’t afraid to speak up, and to stand out. I’m not talking about protests, but the kind of people who go right to the heart of a matter. Who speak the truth, in their own lives, and are bold enough to be be brave when others pretend everything is okay. 

That’s why I have such respect for first responders, military, advocates, and people who exemplify bravery. 

Brave people are the heartbeat to society. 

We can’t exist without them. 

I have very little patience for those who want to change but talk in circles, who contradict, and who don’t do the right thing. I have little patience for agenda’s and dishonesty. 

I’m not the bravest person. I worry about what other people think of me. I think a lot before I speak. But recently God called on me to be brave. And it was scary and uncomfortable. I had to use my words. I had to use my voice. I had to be brave. And it scared the crap out of me. I even found myself discounting my words, downplaying myself, because I didn’t want people to think I was too hard and bold. 

But it was there. And I did it. I spoke my Brave. 

Today when I saw those Two Hero’s thank each other I saw something else in their exchange…there was absolutely no pride, just genuine gratitude for the other. 

Brave people know what the cost is…and they still do it. 

Brave people know what could be lost…and yet they are still there. 

Brave people know what Gratefulness costs. 

So tonight my prayer is we stop holding our breath, and we start listening to our heartbeat. Ba-bum, Ba-bum, Ba-bum…that’s your heartbeat. 

It’s capable of amazing things…including being Brave.

…to God be the glory.