Today he and a friend were yelled at by people he didn’t know…

Today he asked for directions to a classroom and a kid swore at him…

Today a girl behind him in band told him he was “gross” because of the sports team he likes. 

…and that’s just the things he told me about. 

I freaking hate Middle School. 

I mean when I think of Middle Schools my kids are at the only one I would send them to…it’s a great school. 


I freaking hate Middle School. 

I hate seeing my kid, the most loving giving kid, the kid who accepts everyone, and loves them…cry. 

So we talked about it. And we talked about how sad it is that people feel the need to be mean to be cool- when it only makes the rest of us see who they really are- which is big fat doo doo baby dunderhead jerks. Which is exactly what I called them, because I am so mature. 

But that made him smile a little. And we talked about good things that happened through out the day, because he has good friends, and his brother, and teachers who care about him. 

This kid is amazing…not just because he is funny and athletic, a natural leader and kind. Not because he dances with his sister and is there for his brothers. Not because he is brave and strong, and not an iota of entitled. But because after he smiled he asked if we could pray for “those kids.”

So we did. 

We prayed for them. 

We prayed that they were loved at home, that they were safe, and fed mind, body, and spirit. 

And while we were praying. I looked at him. His eyes closed with tears still fresh on his cheeks and I asked myself again “Why Me Lord? How on earth could we ever have deserved this child? I am so unworthy to be his Mother.” 

And yet, I get to say “Amen” with him. 

We’ll survive Middle School. We will. 

And I know this…it’s not going to break him- this kid, he’s one in a million. Truly.

And he teaches me things every day.  

He is. Amazing. 

I wanna be just like him when I grow up.