(This was written yesterday- but because I had pictures in the body of the post for some reason it wouldn’t upload. 18 hours later I deleted the pictures and put them at the bottom. And finally it will post.) 

I say it often. And I mean it with all my heart. 

Familia is Todo. 

Family is All. 

Today is the birthday of some of my favorites…

So…to my bonus Dad, who inherited me when he fell in love with my Mom. Who raised me, and taught me how to pray. Who loved me through the teen years. Who walked me down the aisle with my Dad, and who has taken always taken the time to tell me what I mean to him. You are strong and amazing, and always fill my life with joy. I love you Papa John. 


To my Father in Law Denny, who shares the same smiling eyes as my Love. Who laughs at the same jokes as his Son, and is the most generous and helpful person I know. Who is always the first to arrive and last to leave. When something good happens to Dyp, you are always the first person he wants to call. Knowing you are proud of him is so important, and he is so proud to be your son. 

To my Aunt and Godmother Clancy. Even though our time is always limited, I love every moment I’m with you. Your life and calm demeanor has always been an inspiration to me. You are kind and loving, and I hope my Boys stay close to me…like yours are to you. That is my prayer. Thank you for always praying for me. And the picture I chose didn’t even have me in it…but 80’s hair wins every time. 

To my goddaughter Madison…we prayed for you. From the moment we found out your Mom was pregnant, we prayed for you. For Health, and for a beautiful Life. Your life was already so valued and longed for. You came late, and were ornery and determined, and absolutely  beautiful. You are such a joy. You’ve never stopped amazing all of us, and you have a kind heart. And I love that about you. I pray you always know how God’s love for you. It is an honor to be your godmother.

It’s the season of Birthdays for our family, but it’s also been a reminder to me that I don’t tell people enough how much their lives have touched mine. We should never wait. 

 I tried to pick pictures for this post that I felt captured them all perfectly…so happy, and so loved. 

These four lives are a big huge part of my life. And they should know that. 

Such beautiful lives were born this day! ❤️