What I love most in the World is God. I don’t know if other people are like that, like I am. I just want to serve God so much. 

I want to meet the Pope someday. 

I’m excited for Middle School, but I’m afraid I’ll get lost because it’s so big. 

It makes me happy when people are nice, and when I’m with my friends and family. It makes me mad when I ask people to stop doing something and they keep doing it(Grace). I love close competitions but I love hanging out with my friends more. I love soccer, baseball, altar serving, and to dance. And I love just messing around. 

 I met my best friend Britt in first grade- I like him because he’s nice, athletic, funny, he commits to what he does and we both love God. My other best friend is my brother Jonah, he’s so funny, he loves God, he’s smart and athletic, and he likes to hang out with me and is never afraid to try new things. 

I used to want to be vegetarian but I like hamburgers too much.  I could eat the Bigfoot sushi burrito and macaroni and cheese everyday. 

I’ve gotten in three fights because I was sticking up for people. I will always stick up for people I love. And especially my faith. 

I love Pugs. And I want a Pug named Puggy Pio, after Padre Pio. 

My name is Daniel, and that’s just who I am.