“For the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.” -Romans 11:29 

Daniel promoted to middle school today.

So many emotions. All the feelings. 

The school year is winding down, and while I love summer- next year we start new things. Two will be in middle school. Two at the elementary school all day. 

All the feelings today. 

I am sad. Because I have loved Daniels’s elementary experience. I have loved his class, and his friends are incredible. It hasn’t always been easy, their class has been through a lot as well. They are a very close class. Together they’ve grieved parents, divorces, and all the painful parts of growing up. While I’m excited of all the places they’ll go- I will miss seeing them. Today they gave me a packet full of homemade cards. I read each of them- and cherished the beauty of them. Because I know them- and I love them. 

I will really really miss popping in to see Daniel whenever. He has always been so excited to see me. To have lunch with me. To have me work with his class. He runs to the edge of the gate to wave to Grace when she gets off the bus when he’s at recess. He has always seemed so proud of his family. 

Recently we’ve been asked if we regret that our kids don’t go to a private school or that we don’t homeschool. I think there are amazing private schools and while I love the idea of homeschooling I say shit too much. 

But God was very direct on what path he wanted us to take. While public schools haven’t been perfect, I cannot imagine a better environment for my kids. My kids are bilingual- their teachers are phenomenal- the kids are good kids. And I am so thankful to be welcomed by them. I will miss being in his class next year- so Much. 

I’ve wrote before, but when Daniel was born so quickly and came through “the call” they said he had a sixth sense. Ever since he was little he has seemed wiser- more compassionate- and there is something about him. I am so proud of all my kids, because if they are any reflection of us- God is making us look good. They are beautiful souls- and Daniel’s heart. Oh my Daniels heart is so big. 

So, recently someone asked if we regret not sending our kids to private school because they aren’t getting religion. Instead of telling you my answer I want to show you Daniel’s answers from his year book…

I am so proud to be the Mamacita of this boy. 
Mark my words…his call was clear long before he was born. Long before he rushed into my world- God called him. And Daniel has never stopped reflecting God in his complete faith, in his loyalty, in his devotion to family, in his respect of others. Mark my words- this kid will serve God in big ways- because he has served Him fervently everyday of his life. 

I cannot believe I get to be his Mom. 

Blessed beyond measure.

Grateful beyond words. 

Irrevocably changed.