What is your favorite sound? 

Beautiful. Your responses were beautiful. 



(Ps…I’m partial to that hot fisherman…) 

(No caption needed.)   



I read all yours- as my day rushed by full speed ahead…and I picked this-

A shower. And silence. Silence is sacred to me, and so I decided to take my time under the water…and then-


Sudsy McCutie came in. I was going to tell her no, but most of this busy day I didn’t get to see her. So I let her come in.  And she talked the entire time about her day, about how much she missed me…and the silence suddenly wasn’t my favorite sound. The running water wasn’t as beautiful as time spent just listening to her. 

Afterwards when I was drying her hair I realized she still had suds on her eye brows, and drops of water on her eyelashes.  And she listened to me talk about my day. 


This Wednesday you all knew what sound you loved, but it took me time to remember- that I can love silence. I can love the sound of water rushing. But my most favorite sound is life. 

Happy Wednesday.