“When they saw Him, they worshiped, but they doubted.” Matthew 28:17 

Never fails. 

Yesterday was a good day. 

In fact it was a great day. 

But it has been followed by a day everything I’ve been doing wrong, everyway I’ve failed, every single flaw and misstep I’ve taken weighs heavy on my heart.

I feel lonely. Unappreciated. Sad.

Today at church these words were read and seared right into my heart. 

“When they saw Him, they worshiped, but they doubted.” 

How often do I worship and love a loving faithful God, but doubt Him? Doubt His love and grace.

I try not to feel entitled. 

I try not to expect good to be a given just because I try. 

But I haven’t always tried hard enough. 

I haven’t always loved enough. 

I’ve made mistakes and I many times doubt God’s Faithfulness in my life. 

In times of grief. In times of great sorrow. In every facet of my life that is a tiny blip in the universe. My life is such a small part of the world. 

Isnt that crazy? It’s crazy- if you look and see what He has done in me. 

Why would I ever doubt? 

Because this world- this world is full of lies. And I’ve bought them, and worn them. I’ve read the articles and saved the info…and believed. 

And doubted. 

My God. My Jesus. The Spirit. 

I’ve doubted the Truth. 

Even though I write about it. 

I believe it, yet I doubt His steadfastness.

The moral of today…I have a lot of work to do. 

And doubting His will, and this path of real isn’t one of them. 

To God be the Glory.