One of the things my two oldest boys excel at is good old fashioned smack talking- they know how to bring it, whether it’s when  playing cards, or playing bump in the back yard. It’s always funny and in good fun. 

They get it from their Dad. He is a quick witted smack talker, and is a poor loser, but an even worse winner. He will smack talk until the day is done. 

Grace can bring it too- and can never keep a straight face. And her threats are more like “I’m gonna hug you Jonah!” 

And then there’s our Micah. 

Who cannot successfully smack talk. At all. 

And it. Is. Awesome. 

For instance he’ll say, 

“I’m going to beat you so bad…maybe.” 

“You are going Down…probably.” 

“Oooh I’ll OWN you, unless I don’t.” 

Seriously, makes my day. I love that each of my kids are so amazing and different, and fill my days with such joy and laughter. 

Today was a four baseball game day.

The sun was shining. I applied sunscreen once, but should have applied it twice. 

I am burned. Vitamin D happy. And exhausted. I even got a pedicure from a cute little Gracie Girl and got “fancy French tips.” 

It was a day of great wins, and one really hard loss…and we came home.

As a family together. 

Because as different as my kids are, we are a team. They are my favorite team. 

So maybe this is not my most profound post- but I’m not trying to win anything. I just want want to see my kids living the life they love, being who they are, loving well- and when they win or lose- I will be just as happy for them, as long as they live.

So, here’s to long days of spring, feeling like summer. Here’s to doing what we love, and loving well. Here’s to good old fashioned smack talking…maybe. 

Here’s to love love loving the life we’ve been given to the fullest. Here’s to my favorite team- my family.