I am raising four very different souls. Individuals. All are unique with different talents. Each becoming their own person…paving their own way. We raise with  consistency and love as the forefront- and go from there. Because each child has been so different, some times we have to consider the child- and what is best for them. 

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. 

Each year the second grade at our school goes on a school trip out of town. They go to a small town an hour north where the kids get to use their bilingual skills. Because our school is Spanish immersion and they only get to speak Spanish in class- it gives them such a boost to see their growth in action. But unfortunately one of the downsides of not having family around and in this busy season, my second graders Dad had to work- and his sister only had half day, I have the other kids to pick up, and so we weren’t going to be able to go. We talked to him. We had him set up with a good friends group. We talked about how great his day would be. 

But he started getting ill from worry and having so much anxiety- that he was crying himself to sleep. He’s not a crier. So we talked, and we considered him. Who he is.

Our child. It was hard at first to decide that he just wasn’t going to go. But we came up with a different plan. We could have a field trip in town here. He could use his skills and his sister could be there, and he could feel safe. Because that’s what it finally came down to– he didn’t feel safe being away from us. He has plenty of time in life to learn about being brave, but in this case we went rogue. 

And it was hard having to tell people. Because I worry about what people think. But then, really, it’s not about what anyone thinks. It’s about my son…so here was our Day. 


We Went to a local Marketa and Micah talked to them about pan(bread) and carniceria they had. We saw cow tongue, which was super cool. He was articulate and asked if they made their bread locally. We learned they didn’t and bought it from Salem Oregon.  

We did not eat in the store or comer en la tienda. We are good readers and were on task. 

And his sister went along in the store and enjoyed the 2 layered jello. Because in her words “sugar is my life.”  

We talked to a Police Officer who is bilingual. Micah asked him about what he did in espanol(of course), and because he is a supervisor he talked about keeping the people that work for him safe. Micah said later he didn’t listen to anything he said, because it was his first question and he was so nervous. But we are so appreciative of all our policia!  Thank you Sgt. Williams! 

We went and got a book in Spanish. And read it. Micah chose the Spanish version of “Heaven is for Real” or “El Cielo es Real” by Todd and Colton Burpo. It’s one of our favorites. 

We went to one of my meetings that is at a State office- a lot of my members are bilingual and they talked to him- and were so impressed by his language and how articulate he was. I was impressed by how hard he was trying to not be shy. 

And we went to lunch. And he ordered in Spanish. And ordered for me as well. And he talked to the server and asked for strips de pollo(chicken strips)  and we all giggled.

It was relaxed and low key, the perfect day for him. 

In fact in his words:

“it was one of my favorite days this year.” 

Lately I’ve noticed how impatient I’ve been and how over scheduled we are- I notice that I’m exhausted and some days don’t have a lot extra to give. But today was a day where we didn’t rush, and we enjoyed our time, and it was one of my favorite days as well. 

One of my oldest friends Kati taught me the term years ago “mi cielito Lindo” or “my pretty little heaven” and today was one of those days…I spent my day with a little piece of heaven, my Micah. His life will be filled with a lot of have to’s and requirements- So I’m thankful for today. And for him.  

Always for him. 

Ps. Happy birthday to TWO of my godchildren Maya and Nathaniel. I love you both so much.