“I think every good conversation should start out with, remember that one time on SpongeBob?” -curly age 8 

I loved the real pictures sent in today…because they were of people doing what was best for their families.  This is how we were spending our time. 


Catching an early Flight to make it to a family graduation.


Up all night nursing and pumping, and exhausted and dehydrated to help a beautiful boy to grow. 

  And me sitting in the pouring rain at a baseball game…(aren’t you shocked?)  And we came back and almost tied…and it was SO close. 

You see..I could go into so many things…the ump was making calls but only against us( we are used to bad calls on both sides, because they aren’t perfect). It was raining. We came back from losing and were  close. One run close. And then it was over. My son blamed himself, but we talked all the way home…and he remember it’s a game.

So that’s what matters. He had fun. He played in the rain. He plays with awesome people- who cheer for him. And have his back. And even then it sometimes doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it to.

But we try. We try hard. 

Today my filter came off. I have a very hard time with lack of sincerity. And tact. And I am fiercely loyal. Today I used my words unfiltered and clearly. Because sometimes there is not enough time to undo damage that’s been done…time heals but it doesn’t change the outcome. 

And not every one gets that. 

Just like in a game. The score is the score. 

What’s done is done.

My time and season has been jam packed and I wish I could say that I have used my time wisely. I think I have but not always…

But this I know…

I will sit in the pouring rain and cheer the people I love on. 

I will fight for my family, friends, and my tribe. 

And my time will always be looking at the way to live the truth. My intentions will always be to give God the glory and speak the truth.

No filters. Just time fully lived.