All of us, gazing on the Lord’s glory with unveiled faces, are being transformed from glory to glory into his very image by the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18 

I used to stare at the blue sky as my legs dangled on the swing and then I would jump and begin to pump my legs. 

As I would reach my toes up and lean my head back, my hair streaming behind me- and I would reach farther and farther.

In those moments I felt like I was so high I could almost touch heaven. 

I was just that much closer to God. 

And then life happened…

And it hurt me. And blessed me.

And God loved me, but it was different than I imagined in those moments- swinging higher and higher trying to touch heaven. 

Trying to reach him. 

Because I didn’t have  to do anything, except call on him…

And there He is. 

Today. May 19. 

I don’t have answers. 

I don’t like bad news. 

I hate seeing those I love suffer.

And I don’t understand it all.

So I turn my face to God and I set my eyes on him…and hand him my words and my thoughts, my worries and my sorrows. I hand him my prayers and it hurts to say them out loud, because it makes them more real. 

And sometimes real is the hardest part of life. 

My gaze rests on you  my God, the God of Miracles…the God of Hope…and the God of Glory. 

I don’t understand…so I hand them to you. 

Tonight I lay those I love, and their intentions to you…I hand you the realness…and I trust you. 

Because you love them far more than me. 

Oh how you love. 

More than I ever could.

More than I ever will. 

i trust you…

Who sees my words swinging back and forth, tumbling over each other as I reach and whisper them towards you. You, know my heart. You are the God of blue skies, and Heaven. You are the God of sky gazers. I swing to you. 

I. Trust. You.