Last month he took naps. He never does that. 

He ate, and then ate again. And was still hungry. 

At night he would complain that his body hurt. 

And would be so so tired. 

And then I noticed, yesterday at church as he stood next to me- that when he hugged me he seemed to look at me eye to eye. And I knew. 

You see, we’ve been busy. Really busy. Like 14 games in 7 days busy. 

And I didn’t see. 

Until I did. 

And there it was. There he was. The teenager. As tall as me. 

One month. One inch. 

So today I took extra time to look and see each of my kids. The extra freckles on Daniel’s nose that have just appeared. The loose tooth in Micah’s smile. The bangs hanging in Grace’s eyes. And leaned my head on Jonah’s shoulder, who is just as tall as me. 

Life is busy. This season is busy. But I need to stop and look at them. Remember them in these moments. 

They are so precious. And so brief. And so beautiful and a little painful.  


It’s a blessing and honor to be right here in the middle of it.