Today is a tricky day- because I know how many people miss their Mothers or have that longing deep with in their being because they are Mothers, but haven’t had the blessing of children yet. Today can hurt and be another painful reminder. 

But I want you to know that your value and life is a gift. And my prayer for you is today you find grace and hope, and that God brings you love this year. 

“Hope Never a Disappoints.” -Romans 5:5 

Today was a good day. I felt honored but mostly just felt God moving and working, and reminding me of His hope. 

Because of that, I will just leave you with a little of my Daniel. I love him so much. His heart for God, and his absolute zest for life is such an inspiration. He told me one day he believes he will die for his faith, and I believe he will. The kid was born to me, but he has always belonged to God.  

He reminds me everyday that God keeps his promises and loves us. 

I hope to be half the Mom he deserves and am so proud of my beautiful boy. And proud to be Mom of all of my kids- here and in heaven.