The teenager: Mom I think my team lost their spirit. 

It has been a hard season.

We switched leagues. 

We lost players.

We’ve dealt with injuries. A lot of them.

Kids have moved.

They are the nicest boys you’ll ever meet. 

They are the kind of kids that check on a player from the other team when they’re hurt. 

They don’t leave until the field is totally clean. 

They love their coach. 

They are all heart. 

And that’s hard because baseball is the kind of game that will break your heart. 

So tonight the teenager asked how he could help them get their spirit back. He loves the game. He loves his team. 

Tonight he pitched. I felt my entire body tense the entire inning. He did well, I was so nervous for him, but he doesn’t pitch often and really wasn’t confident. But I saw his face…and even with everything racing through his head he looked so happy. Like my little boy. Again. 

I didn’t have an answer right away…but when I did…

I told him- just keep cheering. Keep believing in them. Remember why you love the game. 

Remember that feeling of playing at dusk and never wanting to stop running the bases. Remember that feeling of dust on your arms. Playing catch first thing in the morning. The amazing risk to run and the exhilaration to hear the word “SAFE.” Remember that winning doesn’t make you a baseball player. Playing your heart out makes you a baseball player. 

Some seasons we win a lot. Some seasons we lose a lot. But the spirit can shine through everything. No matter what…that’s what keeps us playing. 

So here’s to the fans- who show up even when it’s a hard season.

Fair Weather Fans have and will always suck. 

Here’s to the boys with casts that cheer from the dug out. 

Here’s to playing ball with your best friends.  

 Here’s to a team full of good kids, with amazing hearts, who just needed to be reminded its never been about Home Runs and Winning. But it’s always been about their Spirit.