I want to tell you all about my weekend…about how I saw God clearly working and speaking, and alive in hearts. 

I want to tell you about the broken, and shattered, and the tremendous love and gratefulness Grace that was poured over faces and hair, and mixed with tears. 

I want to tell you how speaking my real out loud was scary, and amazing, and blessed, but others real was what changed me. 

I want to tell how I felt so incredibly honored and humbled, inadequate and unsure of if I was doing it right. 

Was I listening to you Lord?

 Did I speak your truth in which I only get little glimpses of?

But right now…I am just going to let it sink in. 

All in. 

Right now, I’m going to sit and rest, and relax in the presence of His Word and let Him push the waters of Grace over my head, and cover me as I sink, down down down into Him.

Thank you God for the women I met this weekend. Thank you for calling us out of our comfortable. Thank you for hand picking each and every one and bringing them before you…

I am SO blessed that you called me out into these waters. 

The Unknowns of your Love have brought me so much more…than I ever could have foreseen. 

But you saw me.

You saw them. 

And called us all. 

Upon the Waters. You led us here…