I have friends who love coffee shops. They always try out the new ones.

Other friends are always looking for the best ever brand of workout pants. 

I used to be that way about Mascara…

And my daughter, Grace is obsessed with public restrooms. 

My boys were never that way. 

They’d pee anywhere. 

Which was a blessing.

Except when Jonah(4) peed right after church in front. And then Daniel (2) decided that moment was perfect for trying out potty training…

But I digress. 

Everywhere we go…as soon as she sees the sign, she HAS to go. Right then. And to her credit, she typically follows through. 

I swear she holds it JUST in case there’s a public restroom she can use. 

I have seen more porta potties and gas stations bathrooms in the past three years than in my entire life previously. 

So this morning, as I got up, away from my family, to speak with an amazing group of woman about God and Worthiness…I thought of my Grace. 

She has never ever doubted her worth. Or the worth of others. 

So of course she’s not afraid of something that terrifies the rest of us…she holds no shame. She is proud of who she is.

And she knows the Truth. 

We all have to go. 

And we have all to eventually face that fact that ALL of us are worthy of God’s Grace.

Grace knows God loves her. 

Grace knows life is meant to be “In Use.” 

And she also knows when she has to go…

And if it’s a public one– its a total bonus. 

Happy Saturday. 

Please pray for me and these woman, that I speak the truth and point to Christ constantly and fully… 
Ps. We all poop. And I’ve peed my pants every time I’ve been on a trampoline since I had kids. So there.