It’s spring break here and nothing has started out as planned.

But after yesterday’s post and in light of weekly themes I am choosing to focus this week on the beautiful. 

Beauty can transform us. And not external beauty but beauty that seeps deep under our skin and leads us to seek blessings in all things. 

It’s been raining a lot but we need it. 

Dyp had to go into work. 

Thing One is on crutches and we are waiting to hear back from the Radiologist. What we know for sure is he’s hurt. How badly…is the next question. But he’s in great spirits- and since he has a week off of baseball he is hoping to be ready in a week. 

Thing Two, Three, and Four helped me clean out my car. We recovered 12 coats, five umbrellas,  four shoes, one lunch box, 19 random socks, 20 pencils and pens, 3,000,000 stale goldfish,  three baseball caps, and an ENTIRE garbage bag full of crap. 

And that’s only the stuff they know about- I threw away a lot of thing four’s stuff before she came out. 

At first I was discouraged, but thinking about the fact that I transport 7 kids five days a week, and the many times I end up giving rides to a few extras through out the week, it wasn’t so bad. It was bad but not so bad. It shows a life well traveled. 

It will stay clean for about 15 minutes I bet. 

I realized afterwards that thing two came out to help me with no shoes…but I guess the fact that thing three chose to put ON clothes was a plus because he spent the last two days wearing nothing but a t shirt tucked into his underwear. 

And thing four is still not dressed.  Because she said it feels like a day to wear Pj’s. 

So I took a picture of their joy. Aren’t they beautiful? 

It’s spring break. And today isn’t anything like we planned but it is so beautiful to home with my kids. 

I miss their Dad, but I am so proud of how hard he works for us. 

I watch them play baseball outside. One observing with his crutches. 

Two and Three playing. 

And the little four cheering them on. Beautifully, and maybe a little too loudly. 

This week…what ever is thrown your way find beautiful in the chaos. 

I dare Ya. Except don’t play a Dunking game, with a trampoline. It’s a bad idea- all the time.  


Ps. My posts will be short and sweet, because I’ll be too busy finding, and watching my beautiful things live.