It’s easier said than done. This forgiveness thing. 

Instead of releasing it, we hold it closely to us, “the” offense- the hurt- the pain- and anger. We hold it and cling to it. Because it defines things, makes us who we are…now.

“The” things that we carry around that become pawns in which make or break relationships and walls. 

And it’s not as if we don’t have things that we should carry. Sometimes “the” whatever it is, has changed the course of our families  and of our lives.  And so we use it as a sort catalystic to define how  we relate. How we trust. Who we trust.

And the word “I’m sorry” isn’t used enough. We don’t hear it enough, because our entire world is about rationalizations. Hiding behind big words and convictions, that don’t hold weight when the fact of the matter is…we all make mistakes. We all can hurt others intentionally or unintentionally. And sometimes all of us carry,  levels of our own meanness. 

Passive Aggressiveness. Lack of couth, using pointed words. Judgementalness. 

And when we don’t hear an apology we slowly began to harden. Calcification builds around the ventricles of our heart and we carry all “the” offense closer to us. 


We become Indignant. 

I harbor unforgiveness in my heart. And I know it. And the worst part is it’s because I hate an insincere apology. I hate rationalizations. Grow a pair, and say you’re sorry, like you mean it. 

And I get it, some of “the” things, are so heavy to carry we may never be over it. We may never be Okay. 

But isn’t it amazing, our entire salvation, is based on the cost of someone who laying down His life, for our transgressions? 

My Jesus. Forgives. 

So today I thought about those three powerful words…the words we can say, even if I am just saying it to myself because I will never really hear it…not in way I should hear it. 

I forgive you. 

I forgive you. 

And as I say it I feel a small part of my heart surge and soften. And slowly break a part. A part that was closed for a long time.

With forgiveness comes freedom. 

Even if they don’t know. You will. 

You will. 

And so will He, the one who forgives you in your brokenness. In your weary. In your shame. 

He. Forgave and Saved. 

We can be free.