“You can do something I can’t do. I can do something you can’t do. Together, let us do something beautiful for God*.” -blessed Mother Teresa

Every week this project of daily blogging has had some sort of a theme. I have never once planned it, but every week some new revolution has come about causing me to twist and turn. Sometimes the learning curve has been hurtful, and I still feel like finally as an adult I can say…I have so much to learn from this life. 

From God.

From other People. 

I have many beautiful things to offer others. And I’ve offered my ugliness more times than I can count. 

Today my friend Amy came over and we made Irish Pastie’s. My Dad sent me his recipe, my Mom sent me her and my Grandma Noralee’s, and I used a little of both. 

My friend Amy. It was so nice, as our lives don’t intersect as much as they did when my kids were little. It was so needed, because she is a vital part of my happiness. 

Back to the Pastie’s…

We made them from scratch but I didn’t put enough flour in the first time. Amy, who is a chef, let me be in charge, as she chopped and cut. As I struggled with the sticky dough she mentioned to me that adding more flour would help, and of course, instantly it did. 

They are a labor intensive food. I started soaking the meat last night, and started chopping this morning. 5 hours later I was able to taste my work…

My hands are dry from washing, my floor was covered in potato peels from my two helpers(age 6, 8), and I’m pretty sure I inhaled flour. 


They taste just like my Mom makes them.

And they were not easy to make. But I did it. 

Even though I didn’t think I could. 

And I needed help. And guidance. 

But they turned out okay. 

It is a big deal. 

Writing daily has also been a big deal. Praying and listening, and waiting, and sometimes feeling so weary because in prayer other things become apparent.  And it’s labor intensive. And sometimes being real…in my own pale, spider veiny, skin is hard.

Because I want to be strong, but I’m sensitive. Because I want to be bold, but I want you to like me. 

I didn’t plan on themes…but each week has unveiled another chapter of growth. This week it was a test of my Faith, and some friendships, and the cost of being bold. 

Of speaking the Truth. My truth. 

And honestly, it sucked. 

I don’t like arguing, not my thing. I don’t like upsetting anyone. Also not my thing. 

I cried when I was on the debate team. I only made it one week on the team. That’s how long my heart lasted. 

I feel things too deeply. And I over think everything. 

So this week was kinda hard. I read my bible. A lot. I prayed. A lot. I loved. A lot. And I went to a lot of baseball games, which has nothing to do with this, but you should know what else occupies my time. 

 And somehow through out the week I had ample time to have a  deep in my heart and soul tug of war…about stuff. 

 I realized something about myself. 

I want love. 

In my friendships. In my home. In my life. 

I have been the peace maker in my family my entire life. 

 Because I love the differences of people I love. I love the unique way we all bring something different to the world. And I want us to like and appreciate each other rather than point out how incredibly different and flawed we are. 


We are all such unique creatures of a great God. I am so grateful for that. 

I was thinking of that as I went from bedroom to bedroom in my house today. Each room is different and messy, and I could even feel the critical part of me start to think of ways they could look better. But I chose to look closer and really see.  I can see the beauty of each person who sleeps in that bed, who curls up and dreams. Who hopes for things in the dark. So very different. From the shoes that lay on the floor. To the books that sit next to the bed. 

And I prayed and asked God what I should write about today, and as I mulled over a million different angles for my post, I saw this quote* next to my husbands side of the bed on a book he’s reading…and there it was.

Another day. More words. 

My parents created me. 

They love me. 

But they haven’t been married for almost 30 years. 

 Still today, they helped me make something that is a part of a legacy of family tradition. I am also a legacy of them. 

They are so different. 

But both so beautiful. 

And both have such great very different faiths. 

Yesterday Micah was walking out of school with his very good friend Nima. Nima is Muslim, and this week was their big New Year. As I talked to his Mom, my friend Maryjam about it- I saw how her face lit up as she shared with me everything that they do to celebrate. And I saw something familiar…that’s how I look when I talk about Jesus. 

Because her faith is very important to her. Vital to her life. Like it is to mine. 

I hugged her right then and told her how glad I am that I know her, and love her. She is a good Mom. I trust her with my children. She makes me laugh. I told her that. 

She laughed. 

And I saw our boys, who love to play Legos and pretend, and run really really fast. Yes, their faith is vastly different but they appreciate each other and they make each other laugh. 

They are both very good, sweet blessings. 

Like all of us. 

We are beautiful. 

And very different. And none of us have all the answers. But I do know is I’m called to do something beautiful for God. And this week I’ve learned that there’s  worth in Taking the Time and doing things with Great Love…as long as I’m looking to God the whole time. 

Pointing to Him. 

I want to reflect him but I’m still not confident enough…I still have too much laundry to wash and too many facets where I can’t catch up. I don’t think I’m good enough yet. 

But I will show up. I will write.  

Because I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons so far in this revolution. 

I’m capable of being a putting a recipe together, and making my house smell like my childhood and happy memories. 

It’s worth my time. 

I’m capable of spending time with a friend who I love dearly, who always makes me smile.

Her worth is immeasurable. 

I’m able to find words and beauty in the messy uncomfortable places in my life. 

And I’m willing to love.

Love others. Love Life. 

Love God. 


Beautiful blessings. 


Life from Scratch. 


A friendship something beautiful. 

Your life is vital to this world…

“Together, we can do something beautiful for God.”