She has a fever. Because we share things. And her brother had it first. And now she and another one of her other brothers are running fevers. 

They are both pitifully curled up on different couches, and she rests her little foot on my arm. It is warm. And she is so sad because tomorrow is crazy hair day at school and we had a plan. She so wants to be there. 

Today is International Women’s Day- and I think of all the women who have come and gone, and stood up and kneeled on a hard floor praying for peace. For justice. For freedom. For Equality. 

We have different truths, but at same time, we are all connected. We were all created to love and give, to nuture, and create. We come in all different beautiful shapes, and rich and precious colors. But we are all women. 

We are mothers. And Daughters. We are sisters. We are Aunts. We are widows. We are wives. We are grandmothers. We are caregivers. We are here. 

I pray for my daughter, that she will never be a victim of her body, that she will never have her bright spirit shattered.. That her innocence will not be stolen or tarnished. I pray that she will be surrounded by friends who love her deeply, and that she will be protected from jealousy and competitiveness. I pray that she will love and know love, and feel grateful for all the amazing things she is grateful for now. Like sparkles and a sucker from the bank, and new tooth brushes. I pray that she always has a bounce in her step and a song in her heart. I pray that her soul will belong to God, and that she will know peace that can survive through tragedy. Through heartache. 

All around the world there are little girls like my daughter whose mothers are saying the same prayers for protection. We all have different lives and burdens, but we all want the same things…for our girls to love and be loved- and to know peace. And to be safe. 

And my heart feels and breaks for the girls who think they are forgotten…those who are slaves to men, slaves to poverty, slaves to injustice. I pray that right now…someone speaks up for them, someone steps in, and that divine intervention comes and brings them immediate protection and peace. May we all use our voices to protect and uplift one another. May we love each other more. 

I have not forgotten you. 

Today I pray that we all remember how important we are to each other…

acknowledge, love, bless, be present…

As I watch my daughter sleep, I know that she has to be touching me, even with just her foot…because that contact is important as rest right now. 

We need to place our hands around each other in support and prayer…for the sake of our daughters and our world. We are here.