I was just watching my daughter play outside. Singing too loudly in her little six year old body. Full of so much life. 

Today a little girl the exact same age went to heaven. A little girl we’d been praying for. A little girl whose body was taken by Cancer, but whose Soul was bright and beautiful. Cancer never once held her soul…

I don’t know her. I don’t know her parents. But I know that this is not fair. 

So today…my real is loving my children the best I can. And praying for those who grieve. Who grieve and hurt and I cannot even touch on the rawness of their real right now. But I pray for small doses of comfort for those who love and grieve a child. 

I have no doubt there is a heaven. I have no doubt today there is rejoicing. And I have no doubt that there is a God, and He is so good. 

But we stay here. And we have to wait. And it is so hard. And it never goes away, but remember and loving, and living…until we can get to them again. 


Please pray with me?