My friend April read an article and challenged me to do a little experiment. Another Mommy Blogger let her 3 year old son pick her clothes out for a week and blogged about it. Read here:

I asked my sons first if they would be willing and they all said “No thanks.” But Grace was all over it. For years she occasionally picks out my clothes, and always asks me to wear lipstick and perfume. 

She loves anything that sparkles. 

Here’s the thing. I like looking nice. I like feeling pretty. But I’ve spent the past year battling with my own self image and spend more time in work out clothes and when I do go to work I wear boots and leggings, and anything that is warm. I’m all about being warm. 

But Grace…she wears a swim suit in January and anything that twirls and loves heels. So giving her permission to do this was a little scary…I gave her two rules: it has to be appropriate(I can wear to work) and it cannot be a swim suit. 

She was a little bummed about that. I think that was her first pick. 

Day 1. 

She loves skirts with leggings so she chose this, and her most favorite shoes of mine, my red shoes. She also chose a shirt I haven’t been wearing due to its small resemblance to a maternity shirt…but I have never used body talk in front of my kids. So I wore it with pride and she was so proud. She also chose my jewelry, and had me wear a cardigan because she knew I’d be cold.(I love her) 

Day 2. 

I haven’t worn these jeans in a while, but she knew exactly which ones she wanted to choose. Bling anyone? Also she only wears jeans once a year so I thought this choice was funny. I hadn’t even put on make up but there you go- she wanted to take the picture anyway. She said I needed to wear peach and green together. These shoes and the shoes I wore the day before were clearance target shoes and are two of my favorites! 

Day 3. 

This is my favorite skirt so I was glad she chose it, with comfy shoes…and a work out long sleeve! Haha. She loves the color though and no one seemed to notice at work that I was wearing a workout shirt…bonus! 

Day 4. 

I changed a teensy bit before I went to work this day and put knee high boots on, because I was freezing AND I was really self conscious. The dress is a little short, but she insisted on heels until I left. And a big bulky belt that’s glittery that I never ever wear. I got more compliments on that belt!!! And she chose red lipstick for me. The boots offset the short skirt at work. 

After she got it all picked out, and I was dressed, she looked at me and just sighed…

“You are so beautiful Mommy.” 

And in that moment, I prayed that I could see what she could see. I want to love myself as much as she loves me. She was so proud of this outfit. 

Day 5. 

These brown shoes have Surprise Surprise Heels, which are higher than I’m used to- but this was a fun little outfit to wear. We went to coffee with friends and I could tell everyone she dressed me. I was pretty tired last week so you can tell the nights I didn’t get much sleep…but I love how much thought she put in everything for me to wear. 

Day 6. 

So she decided to go all out this day…and I was on my own. She is absolutely fabulous…don’t you think? I fall more in love with who she is everyday. 

I wore yoga pants, and workout clothes to her disappointment. But I did wear lip gloss. 

And so it goes on…a new week. 

But for 6 days…

I gave up control of every thing I felt inwardly about myself and my body and allowed myself to be seen how my daughter sees me outwardly. 

I also showed her that her choices are valid and her opinions are so very important to me. 

And I was okay. 

And she was happy. 

And while I was squinting into the sun in almost every picture, I made huge leaps in the past week in my own level of worthiness…I am beautiful because of how I love. And clothes are just extra. But it never ever hurts to wear fancy shoes…and to feel pretty. 

This skin I am in — carried this little fire cracker. I got to hold her inside of me and grow this little being of magic. 

My Grace is fancy and fun. She is beautiful and kind, and so very comfortable in who she is. She is simply amazing. 

And I want to be just like her when I grow up.