I only have five minutes to write this post.

So… Today I choose gratefulness.

Today I choose to love my body and my imperfections.

Today I choose to love my circumstances and my clutter.

Today I choose to not own what people think of me and what people want me to think about myself.

Today I choose to see the simple facts and rejoice in the real truths of my soul…

That God is good.

That true friends are the best thing invented.

That a loving family is never overrated.

That self care is essential to survival.


Today I choose joy. Today I choose to not let anyone or anybody else’s priorities steal that.

Today I choose to laugh and not worry if it makes my face crease funny, or make me have a double chin.

Today I choose to sing out loud, because I love to sing, and even when my voice wobbles and cracks I need to.

Today I will tell people I love them. Twice.

Today I will be grateful for every simple little pleasure and pray for all of those that don’t know how to be grateful.

But I won’t take on their stuff, because today I choose grateful.

Arms Wide Open, life still right there, open in front of me- grateful.

Okay! That’s my five minutes…back to my Today.