This morning we walked a mile, along the Beach, over rocks. We walked to the sound of the wind and the Ocean, and laughter. We walked and I thought about how incredible and intimate friendship can be when we are truly authentic with each other…

Walk a mile in these shoes.

These feet have worn deep holes in the sand, imprinting lives, leaving marks.

These feet have walked miles of motherhood, and heartache, divorce, depression, and widowhood.

These feet have been carried out of canyons, with broken bones, and walked back and forth pacing with babies.

These feet have squeezed into too tight shoes, and had to walk into meetings and jobs we dreaded holding our breath, and could only finally exhale when they were off and we could walk back into our house barefoot.

These feet have felt tear drops as we sit on the closed toilet seat, trying to hide from the world, because we need “just one more minute…one more minute.”

These feet have curled next to us us as we’ve blown raspberries on a babies belly, and folded under us as grief has stolen our voice.

These feet have kneeled next to sick children’s beds, and crumbled under the menacing power of one very small red Lego.

These feet have danced, and have rested under the warm sun, and stood high on tippy toes trying to find hidden candy.

Walk a mile in our shoes.

We found out a lot of things the hard way. But we’ve also found when we are together…that the walk isn’t easier, but we can remember to keep going. Keep walking. And sometimes allow ourselves to be carried.

We carry each other.

Even when people say we aren’t relevant, we can be transparent with each other. Even when people say our story is too sad, they don’t hear how hard we laugh through our pain, through our real.

We don’t make excuses, we just make real.

We have faith in a God who allows things we will never understand, and still love Him. Because he gave us these feet, and this life that we have gotten to walk through. He has given us each other. We are bonded through him forever.

We talked today about how there could be a movie about us. Our stories. Our Happy. Our Sad. How it would play out. It is a beautiful story.

Today I walked, grateful for this group of women that have such a huge impact on my life, on my soul.

Our Movie.

Our Friendship.

Our Story.

Our Mile.

Our Shoes.

We keep walking.