My entire life I was involved in some aspect of theatre. Whether I was on stage or behind the scenes that was the place I most felt at home. In College I interned at a local theatre, and as an adult have spent years running my own drama writing/teaching company. I still contract work out.

I love everything about scripts, and character development. I love improv and tear your heart and soul out theatre. I’ve loved my quirky theatre people who just got me.

Which is funny because I have social anxiety. Before events I get a huge stomach ache, we’ve had to leave parties before- when we were already in the driveway, and even writing about those types of events gets me feeling all anxious. I say a prayer every day before I walk across the school grounds to get my kids because I feel nervous. I’m different than I was two years ago, and I’m not confident around some of the parents.

I have a dream role I would love to play still, and Miss Hannigan would be the ultimate. But right now I’m back stage in most aspects of my life.

I have only been the lead in a big production once. However I’ve been in Many Many productions.

I loved theatre but there was always someone better.

And I knew that.

I of course would get so disappointed when I didn’t get the role I wanted. But something else amazing happened most of the time, when I opened my eyes to the possibilities. I realized how incredible it was to build a character and make them just mine. I loved being Girl number 7, and being able to put in one unscripted line and my own flare.

Of course I wanted to be center stage, but only one or two people can be. And there is great grace in learning that early.

That’s why as I raise my kids it has been so important to me that they enjoy whatever role they are given. If they’re out field they will do their best to be the best outfielder, even if their dream was playing second base.

Because they won’t always be the best. Or be first pick. Or be the lead role. As much as they want to. But if they are respectful and a team player that will make them great. If they stand out as someone who always does the right thing that will make them a star.

This Revolution has changed me…of course I want to write for a living. Of course I want to speak to people about God’s will to raise up and be real. But this has changed the course of who I am…I will not sell God to you. I will tell you about Him. I will not sell real to you. I will encourage you to find your real, in your own way. I do not want to be center stage, I want to point you to the center stage so you can transform into the best version of who you are called to be. Right where you are at.

Where you are is your real. And it can be a great beautiful thing, if you let it.

I play many roles these days…I am a wife, and mother, sister and daughter. I am a friend, and kindred. I am a coworker, and volunteer. I do not stand out always, and many times am just plain average…but I am becoming a most authentic Kristin. And loving Kristin is the biggest role I’ve ever been given.

Really loving and accepting who I am…even though the body I have isn’t necessarily the one I want. The mind I have isn’t as sharp as I’d hoped for. I’m not as organized a role, as I’d hoped to have played…but I have been given this Role. This body. This spirit. And I will give it my all. Until I take my final bow…My ALL.

For his Glory.

This is the Life you’ve been given. This is your Role. Your Life….give it your all.