Did you know St. Valentine was a martyr? He died for his faith.

There isn’t a lot known about him. But he was a person. Who ended up being a Saint. And who was tortured and died and buried at Via Flaminia(outside of Rome).

That is all that is known.

In this world where we look to this day for confirmation of love and either love or hate it, I think of what Love really means.

What we believe and know love is.

C.S. Lewis wrote one of my favorite books and talks about the distinction of different Loves. In “The Four Loves*” he breaks it down to Storge(affection), Philia(friendship), Eros(romantic), and Agape(unconditional love).

All four have played a huge roll in my life and at every stage of my existence.

I’m sure the same is true for you.

But how often do we place expectations on others to fill a need they can’t possibly fill? How often do we place “love” within the confines of a box, packaged up pretty, but when it begins to show wear- when there isn’t enough duct tape to fix it we figure it’s a lost cause?

We are human and flawed, and show our most unloveable sides to those we say matter most. Things like control, jealousy, pride, anger, guilt, manipulation, and codependence are not love. And yet, we keep using them In order to prove our love.

Real love turns us inside out, and can change us forever.

It’s the kind of Love…

The kind of love that causes us to live and die for a truth. The kind of love that cannot be stomped out. The kind of love that is pure and sacrificing. The kind of love that lasts long after death.

It lives on. In our memories. In our everyday. In our existence.

It’s the kind of love that My Love’s Grandmother, who 30 years after her husbands death still talks about him, and asks for him when she’s sick.

That is Love.

What stood out for me as I read about St. Valentine is while not a lot is known about him, he was chosen as a Saint because his name is “justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God.”

What a beautiful way to acknowledge the meaning of Love. True Agape. That is the kind of Love we should all strive for.

Our acts may only be known to God, but if they were acts of Great Love we can die, and still our love lives on.

Powerful and Real.

Much love my friends.