Your Real wasn’t ready this week and that’s ok. With this whole revolution I let each week unfold as it may and really feel like things unfold as they’re supposed to…I have people writing but this week no one was quite ready.

So I just gave God the Lead.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately. It’s not comfortable, but Neither is Real.

I’ve second guessed myself more this week than any other week this project. I compared myself. And I realized that nothing good comes from either.

This is bigger than Me, and that is good.

I am a small part of a much bigger picture. I am one small voice of a much bigger revolution.

And I’m real, because we have spent too many nights being told that our Stories should be bigger, bolder, more brilliant.

But our stories all tell a much bigger story , that can only be found through cutting the crap and the bags, and getting down to the simplest truths…

God is Love.
He Came.
Lived Among us.
To Die.
For Us.

For you. For Me.

And we live. And choose. And compare. And want More.

And for a long time that’s all I wanted. Was all that More…but a shift has happened.

My Real has left me completely exposed…but I am trying and striving to give God the Glory. And sharing even just a little bit of Him- this has been worth that.

This is not comfortable. But it’s real. It’s me.

If you want to write for Friday’s Posts I would love to have you. Please let me know.

Your Real. Your Truth.

Our Story.