Granni fell today. We were in town to see her and she fell right before we got there. Her walker just went too fast around a corner.

She is ok. Her arm is banged up. But she is ok, and she just got her hair cut and looks lovely. She just got out of the hospital this past week after a bad bout of pneumonia.

I already had a post going but the real of today was more important.


I watched how she looked at my Love and how much faith she places in him. She is so proud of him. And he is so tender with her. And then I watched my oldest son help her into her wheelchair and gently wheel her down to her table for lunch.

She was proud of us, and shared us with everyone on the way. And I watched and fell a little more in love with my family.

Grace talks to her, and looks at her, and the 91 years that separate them doesn’t dull either of their sparkle.

I watched and I am all too aware of how precious these moments are. And I gathered them closely to me– seeing, feeling, praying that they will stay with me.

I sat later and talked to my sister in law Susan, who has physically lost the love of her life, but the love is still there. It is there. It makes the grief even more poignant, and powerful.

Love is. Powerful.

Today I saw love as an verb, an action. It is a gift.

Today I saw life in beautiful frailty. It is a gift.

And I gather it all in.

Life and grief.
Hope and heartache.
Sadness and True Love.

And I pray that I never forget this. This is what matters. Love is what matters.