You can use make up. You can use lighting. You can use angles.

But nothing covers up real.

Nothing covers up the day in and day out of living even when the getting up seems to be too much. Nothing covers up the bags and life. Nothing covers up grief.

And so we go on…

We go on and pretend that someday we’ll be more together. Someday we’ll have the answers we need. Someday. We. Will.

And yet Daughters are grieving mothers, and feel guilty for laughing for the first time in months. And children are praying that their Dad shows up…this time. Mothers are praying next to the bed of a child who is choosing to taking risks, that will take their soul. And a spouse is pleading in a black room, whispering so the kids don’t hear, so they don’t know that their world is about to turn over and crush them…”please…don’t…leave…me.”

Someday. We will. Be enough.

The cost of real is exposing all the raw and stripping away all the pretense of the have-to’s, and I should, and what am I going to do…

Seriously? What am I going to do?

I have done everything you ask…and here I stand broken. In grief. In raw. In real.

And hearing the still small voice of…

It’s ok to be here. Right now.

It’s ok to not have the answers. Or to be better. It’s ok. You don’t have to cover it up.

It’s saying you don’t have to cover up your real. You don’t have to look for outside affirmation. You don’t have to filter your life to look better to feel better temporarily.

You are enough in your real.

Because when we feel joy…it will also be real.

And when we feel God…when we know God…we are transformed.

You can’t cover up Faith.

Because it can’t be smothered.

Even if you try. Even if you’re so angry at God for taking, and allowing.

It is still there. Somewhere.

So today, not someday… We need to stop the putting up the barrier of…

“I’m okay.”

“I’m fine.”

“Really. I don’t need help.”

“…I don’t need God.”

Break down the barrier and stop covering up your Real.

The Revolution of real is embracing your broken and raw, and celebrating our hope and our joy when we discover…

Our real isn’t Ugly or Unworthy.

You are not ugly or unworthy.

We are beautiful and worn.

Even when we are broken. Which seems
too costly at times, but is the only way to become free.

We are beautiful and worn. And Here.

We are Enough. And More.

So much more.*


* I have been given this picture and passage multiple times these past weeks. Each time I read it I get chills and am reminded that this Real is Powerful. So for all of you who shared it with me…thank you. Also to the Holy Spirit who graced this post over and over, with words I couldn’t even began to put together…thank you.

Page borrowed from “The Velveteen Rabbit” written by Margery Williams.