(This is my 100 post!!!)

Today when I got the selfies I laughed because all of them were women I respect a lot…

All Mothers. Working Mothers. New Mothers. Stay at Home Mothers. Mothers.

Constantly trying and giving, and spending and being..

Giving so much.

Taking care of little people, big people, sick people. Living real lives of budgets and every other worry that comes with this messy life.

The every day…get up and just give.

All trying. All amazing.

And it’s not easy. Somedays are so much harder than others.

Someday you just want it to be easy. You don’t want to have to try so hard.

So here’s to you…beautiful Mothers. When you finish listen to one of my favorite songs, that has lifted me up today- and many other days, when I started picking away at myself…

But right now I’m choosing to say I’m ok today. I’m Right where I’m meant to be.

I took off my spanx and I’m wearing my comfy jeans. I cried off some makeup. I already worked out. My hair is kind of clean.

I am so loved. I am needed. And I need love, and others.

I’m right where I need to be.
I’m who I need to be.

I cried a little more and sat up…and said kind things about myself. I’m trying hard enough, and I am enough.

I asked you how you could be more kind? But then I answered my own question. I think today we could be a little more kind to ourselves.

I know you love your families. Your jobs. Your life.

And I think you are amazing.


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Also thanks to Colbie Cailat…who puts it so beautifully. Share this with your daughters, your sisters, your mothers…you don’t have to try so hard. You are enough.