I can feel it.

It’s not just me. I have friends who also
feel it.

Something is coming. This Revolution of Real
came to me through prayer…but had been coming for some time. Before my Dark night of the Soul, I knew it.

I’d wake up during the night and write words to speak to Women, Families, Teenagers–words about the beauty of faith and life. But at the time I had no clue I’d go through the dark tunnel. And suddenly I was surrounded by darkness. I had no idea how I’d get out, but I did.

And here I am now, so incredibly different…and the calling is stronger. My words are deliberate. And my mission each day is to celebrate the good, the real, the broken, and the beauty of the human spirit.

I started this revolution having no idea how God was going to use me. And I have been completely overcome by the response. Everyday I receive messages and emails from people who feel the same way. Who feel the Spirit stirring and changing them.

And reaching for us.

It’s exhilarating to know that we can find hope and inspiration because of who we really are.

And are being changed to love who we really are.

Here we are, finding little small glimpses of hope amidst the real. The real that can be painful. The real that isn’t healed. But hope where we can live day by day, little by little.

Grace by Grace.

And it’s changing me. In ways I couldn’t even imagine. I don’t know where this is going to go…but I know it’s starting.

Can you feel it too?

From now on I will not be the Author of Friday…I have guest writers that will be telling their real. And it will be raw, and sometimes unfinished, and all theirs.

And I ask you to pray for me, and for them, and for each other. And pray that God will open the right doors. That God will do His Will, and the Spirit will lead the way- so that I can do what I’m called to.

When I started I hoped…

But I never imagined that using my voice, using my own experience, would allow me the gift of hearing yours.

Your real is beautiful.

The Human Spirit is beautiful.

Two years ago my heart began to stir. A year ago, I stopped sleeping. 6 months ago, I didn’t know if I would be here today, if I could make it through another day of Darkness. Three months ago, the sun came out and I begin to put the pieces of myself back together, and The Darkness was filled with His Light. One Month ago, I heard the stirring and began to just follow the lead.

Take the Facade away.
Bear the broken.
Embrace the Real.

And live.

6 months ago I wondered if it would ever end.

And now, the Spirit moves, and I find my faith stronger than it has ever been…

Even after the darkness.

And a still small mighty voice tells me again and again.

Take the Facade away.
Bear the Broken.
Embrace the Real.
…now you can begin.