after 10 months into this I continue to learn…

to grow.

to break. 

to heal. 

after 10 months of sharing my real, I’m still hearing yours…

you are the livers.

you are the survivors.

the givers.

you are the inspirers.

i am over the shallow empty small talk. 

i’m over wasteful words and gossip. 

i crave the real conversations. 

even when it’s hard to hear. 

even when it hurts.

because it’s real life. 

i crave eye contact…quality moments where people want to talk to me rather than look at a screen. 

i crave connection in words and spirit. 

i crave not just words, but actions. 

i crave life unfiltered. 

the kind of life where connections are made, and love is spoken…and hope is found in the cracks. 

I crave the moment when my friends living broken and battered, by the cruelty of a harsh and cold blunt winter of life- see Hope again. See that they are enough. That they always were enough. 

So to all of you who have walked through the real with me…thank you for your unfiltered real. 

You. Are. Enough. 

You always were.