(You’ll see a jump in posts as I didn’t write on October 30 or 31. I didn’t have the words or the time to really come up with something to say. Life was real, and busy, and full…and maybe I just should have said that. I started this post on the 1st but finished on the 2nd due to my family taking precedence and a game of Monopoly deal.) 

Two of my heroes were born on the First of November.

The first one is the Man who I knew I was going to marry the moment I saw him. But true love is not always linear and our paths didn’t become one for a while. And I think God wanted it that way. It took a lot to bring us together…but the day he chose to not pursue a vocation in the priesthood and instead spend his life as a vocation with me- our lives have been tangled together. 

We…have a good life together. Not a perfect one, not a flawless one. His job is hard, and he works so hard to provide- and the climate of our world right now is scary. I worry about his safety every day. All these pressures lay heavy on our hearts.  Marriage is a constant evolving entity. We worked hard to stay connected. We work hard to be honoring in a world that promotes seperation, and division. We have created a family, and at the end of the day his hand is the one I search for under the covers. 

He is my best friend, and finds beauty in my broken. Even with my flaws and sags, he still chooses everyday to love Me. For Me. 

So maybe it’s no wonder our Daniel decided to come almost 3 weeks early on his Dad’s birthday. Our Daniel who was born in less than 2 hours. Our Daniel who was caught by his Grandmother because the Doctor wasn’t even at the table. Our Daniel who came into the world deliberately and fulling ready to live. 

His life has been bright burning fire. He is passionate and the faithful. Everything he does is with a resolve of absolute. He is articulate and inquisitive. He is not afraid to question or to confront. He is also incredibly sensitive and compassionate. He is so appreciative. And he abhors injustice…his biggest pet peeves are people who lack accountability and do not apologize. He is always the first to apologize. Sometimes as a parent,especially when he was smaller, the fiery passion was exhausting. He threw tantrums that left me in tears. But his fire is also what I love most about him. 

A couple weeks ago we were talking about if we were super heroes what our power would be…his friend said he’d want to have all the powers. And Daniel thought and thought, and said “I’d like the power to heal people. To take away their pain.”

That’s. My. Daniel. 

And he is my hero. He makes me want to be braver, and bolder. He makes me want to share my faith because of how much I love God, not because I’m so afraid of making people uncomfortable. Some days I spend so much time deciding…deciding what to write about- deciding how to speak-deciding to be More. But Daniel he knows that if you speak the truth, you are more than enough. 

So really God knew…their birthday, my two Heroes is a day where we honor the Saints and We Honor the Dead, and we look at all the people who have lived lives and who left their mark in someone’s life. 

And that death is not the end…because even after your life matters. 

My life was irrevocably changed the day I met my husband. He is my hero everyday. And our Son, leaves both of us, constantly and completely changed. He makes us want to be better, serve better. 

Life is hard. We all know that. 

But while we’re here…thank you God for my everyday Heroes. Those who live the truth and fight for justice. Those who love the truth and fight for others. 

Thank you God for Dyp and Daniel Francis.