No matter how many times I’ve failed…as long as I’ve done these four things right- I’ve done okay. 

Things like laughter and joy that fills up a whole room. We are drawn to this laughter, as he finds happiness in every situation and doesn’t want to miss a thing…the most joyful boy in the world. 


Things we try even when it’s hard and never giving up. My brave oldest son who keeps going, trying new things, while being the most faithful person I’ve ever known. 


 Things that happen in the little moments… between the lines, writing chapters in our own stories through just being together. She can’t sit next to me without having her arms around me, this little love– the strongest girl you’ll ever meet. 


  Things that hit you as you notice his face changing, looking older, still I cling to the fact that he still has freckles sprinkled across his nose- and so much little boy in him. But in many ways his future is going to be as amazing as him.  This one is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. 

These things. ❤️ These children of God. ❤️

The best four things I know.