I have sat here the past hour trying to even begin to put my thoughts in order to write today. 

When I started this write every single day for an entire year I jumped on a constant thought I’d had for a long time before…The revolution of being Real. Of embracing the messy and beautiful. Of showing the raw parts of ourselves in order to stop the facade of fake. To love, even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. 

I don’t know that it’s been a revolution. And I don’t know that it’s had much of an effect on anyone other than my family who sees me praying about writing, talking about writing, and then actually writing. 

So here’s what’s real in the State I live in. 

Yesterday evil entered a classroom. Yesterday lives were stolen. Yesterday shots were heard, and hearts were broken. Oregon is heartbroken. And to a certain extent the whole nation is, because all of it is the worst part of society.

 Of course the minute news came out, before we even knew how many victims there were- every “opinion” was popping up left and right. Get that play on words? 

But spare me your discussions. I’m  about change. But let’s BE PRESENT right now. 

Let’s take care of the victims, the families,  and the survivors. Because that’s what the first responders, the doctors, the community are doing. And they need less talking more doing. 

Let’s stop the talking just for a minute- all your ideas and links to articles are super great, but quite frankly I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks right now, unless it’s about taking care of those who were lost and those who are here. 

Do not get me wrong I am all about doing the right thing. But the right thing right now is to remember lives were lost, and families are still here. That yesterday felt like fall in the morning, and by noon the sky was black and people didn’t know if their daughter, son, mom, dad was okay. 

Monday, you can write a bill, or your congressman, or even use any quote you want. But today…sit in silence, attend a vigil, pray, give blood, donate. 

Do something for…


Maybe I haven’t been a game changer. Maybe writing every day has just been one more thing. But I have learned real life lessons…that there are real life super heroes among us, that evil will never win, and that it is our job to shine the light. To look out for one another, to love one another, and to remember. 

No debates tonight. 

Remember their Names. 

God protect us all, and have mercy on us. 

UCC I am praying for all of you, and Roseburg I stand with you…
Want to donate: 
Chris Mintz is a hero in this story. He was shot multiple times trying to protect people. You can support his recovery below. 


Here is another survivor who is in critical condition but her family is hopeful! 


For the victims and their families. 



And use the google for so many other ways.