The parenting game has been difficult the past 24 hours. 

Every single one of my kids has cried at one point. 

I’ve cried harder. 

I have thought multiple times…I have failed. 

Them. This. 

Puberty sucks. 

Raising Men is hard. 

I hate having my daughter away from me and not knowing how she’s doing everyday. 

All of it is…

Totally Freakishly difficult…and this world is cruel and stupid, and keeps pushing against what we’ve taught them. 

I spent most of the night thinking and worrying. 

Even though I know the Truth.

 I have to trust God. 

He’s not a pick off the pedals…he loves me, he loves me not God. He’s an All- In sort of God. 

So…I need to trust Him. 

And be here. For Them. 

I have to remember that they will make mistakes. 

And I will continue to make them too. 

But we will pray with them, and be there, and love them because we aren’t pick off pedals sort of parents. We are All- In Parents. 

But currently, I’m not winning at parenting… So of course Micah just asked in the car how babies are made.