You came on a Saturday. 

We had been waiting months and months for your debut- and the day you decided to come was on a Saturday. 

I was 13. 

You were so small.  

 You were the first Baby I ever held for longer than a minute. 

I was madly in love with you. 

You had colic and let us know anytime any strap, button, was uncomfortable. 

You had the best drooly smile, and an even better scowl. 

As you grew you had a magical way about you. You were all limbs and could transform an entire backyard into a puppy palace, waving your arms around you as you’d  spin.

I could play with you and Kaitlin for hours because you both made everything fun. And while you were jealous of my Barbie swimming skills- you two were the best thing about Middle School and High School for me. When I came home and I was with you two I could just been myself.  

 With you, I was always just fine as I was. 

You’re naturally athletic, and you love to finish anyone’s food they haven’t eaten. You are the prettiest grazer I’ve ever met. 

You were an outstanding writer from a young age. You still are. Even if you aren’t writing you know how to put words together in the most beautiful way. 

You appreciate good humor…your laugh is so Hannah and I love it.  

 Your vast knowledge of shows from Disney Channel to HBO is incredible. And I know,  you can always quote a movie with me. And you love Michael Scott just as much as I do. 

You love Bon Jovi too. 

You are smart and articulate, and soft spoken and thoughtful. 

It’s funny how the one person who wore her scream for her first year on her chest, is also the person who is the most introverted and is known to hide her feelings deep in her heart. I’m thankful you journal, and I know how much it takes for you to open up at times. Thank you for being brave with me, even on the hard days.  

 You are deeply faithful- to your friends, to our family. You make time with little sleep to be there for people. You remember birthdays and are so good about making people feel loved. 

I love that you are a nurse. I love that you chose a profession where you can use your quiet strength, and your tremendous love. You won’t hear it enough, but you are a gift to your patients.  To your coworkers. 

You are a gift to all of us. 

I hope you know how very much I love you. How even when it’s sporadic that we get to talk or see each other that you mean the world to me. And I always want you on my kick ball or wiffle ball team. 

You are my favorite Hannah in the whole world.  

Happy Birthday. 💓