The world lay dreaming…As monsters planned. 

I was 8 months pregnant with my first child.

 A son. 

I had spent months looking through books about child rearing, and was terrified of whooping cough and colic. 

But the real monsters were planning. 

As I lay on my side that night I had no idea that the next morning my biggest fears for my child would board a plane and bring terror into my world. 

The night before the silence was deafening as the world stood and watched. As people would remember exactly what they were doing…what they felt. 

I had so many ideas on how I would be a parent, but this was the last night I wasn’t afraid of bringing my child in the world. 

The next day everything changed. 

I will never forget the day of, or the night before. 

Never forget. 

God bless America. 

Have mercy on us all.