Have I told you we live in the best neighborhood in the world? 

We do. Neighbors talk to eachother. We have BBQ’s together. We watch out for each other. 

In the past few months our neighborhood has gotten even better. Jonah’s best friend moved across the street. And their family is one of our best family friends. We prayed so hard for them to be here- and now they are. 

One of the homes in our cul-de-sac just went up for sale. The women in our neighborhood are going to pray together for our new neighbors, because we’re kind of a family. 

We love children. And animals. And family. 

But right now there’s a war. 

A nerf war. A make believe war of weapons made out of scooter handles and flowers from my hanging plant. 

Kids are huddled behind my bushes. One is humming around the corner loading his orange bullets.

The boys don’t think… they just go for it. Though one did take the time to put a mustache on with a red pen. 

The girls… they spend a lot of time planning. Their names- Flower Rose, Maleficant’s Daughter, and my daughter- Kitty-Flower-Patch-the-Spy. There is just a lot of talking going on with these girls. 

The girls keep saying “I’m going to destroy your defeat.” But so far they just keep talking…the boys have attacked them multiple times. 

And I just sit here drinking my Diet Dr Pepper.

I am a safe zone. 

And I can’t stop giggling. The world is too heavy today. I feel safe on my front porch listening to their laughter. 

Love these kids. Love this neighborhood. 

Love is a battlefield- so love with all you’ve got.