I will not succumb to Fall. I will cling tight to the vitamin D goodness floating in the sky. I will sit out here as my kids splash in their little pool- and I will enjoy these minutes of Summer. 

My love will BBQ, and we will eat squash and grape tomatos from our neighbors garden. I will wear flip flops, and hold my daughter right out of the water, little droplets resting on her shoulders- her tan skin smelling of sun screen and  grape Popsicles. 

I will take my son to soccer, but I won’t talk about school. Not yet. Middle school is not here yet. Instead I will watch him run under the summer sun. 

I won’t stress that’s it only one year until the teenager is in high school. I won’t stress about homework and school fees. I will relish the moments when he comes and talks to us in our room, long after his siblings dream. 

I will watch him shoot baskets with his best friend under the street lights long after the sun has gone down. 

It’s still our summer. 

I will never be a Mom who celebrates the end of this season. I hate sharing my kids. I always have.  

This season is only so many days, and I will not wish the end sooner. I will look at others first day photos, but will cling to the knowledge that we aren’t there yet. We are still in summer. 

I will run errands with my kids. They will still stay up late. I will let them sleep in. I will let Grace wear makeup with her swimsuit, and her little heels, and dance until her hearts content. Micah hasn’t worn a shirt yet. I will miss workouts to spend time with them, and we will eat lunch at 3 pm. 

Pumpkins and leaves can change soon enough. But me? I am sitting in the sun. 

It’s not fall here. 

I won’t rush time, it’s already passing fast enough. 

I. Love. Summer.