This week the theme at work was knowing your own super-strength. The character strength that can get you through the hard days, when the kryptonite of negativity and our own worst self creeps up and tells us we aren’t strong enough. We aren’t good enough. 

We aren’t enough. 

A year ago. I would’ve sided with the Kryptonite. I had gotten used to its lime glow- it’s numbness. 

But not today. Not ever again. 

I put on my Super Hero Tee Shirt. I lined my lips with Red. And I owned my shit. 

Sure, I’ve got weakness. A lot. 

But I’ve got God.

I have joy and depth. I have laughter and I am strong. Stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I love more than I ever imagined I could. I’ve got enough.

And I married a real life super hero…so really, It’s kind of like a Movie. 

Only Real.