I love hellos. Even the awkward ones where you’re not quite sure what to say. I love the chaos of reunions. I love to welcome people into my home. 

I hate goodbyes. 

Today we said goodbye to some of our closest friends(guest writer August 14) as they head off in a few days to follow the call to be missionary’s. 

Angel and Bryce are so much more to us than just family friends. 

For the last 14 years we’ve lived an hour away from each other but I know I can get in the car and see them whenever…and the same goes for them. We get together and it’s a mad dash of chaos and kids, someone always cries, and I usually feed the kids quesadillas. Today other Good friends showed up for a while and we all prayed together…

That’s another thing, we are the kind of friends who pray together. Really pray. 

I am open with Angel about the uncomfortable- the longing to have another child, but at the same time the wondering if this is what God has for us right now. We are not perfect, none of us, but we love each other. I know that Dyp can tell Bryce anything. They have helped us move every time in the last 15 years, we have remodeled our houses together, we have laughed and cried together. 

And today we said goodbye…maybe for a year, maybe for two, as they set out to love people and serve God. We don’t quite know where they will end up after their training…it could be Mexico, Ecuador, Phillipines. But we do know it may be dangerous, they could be risking their lives. 

But still, they will go…because the will of God is greater than any fear. 

Their family theme is “my grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor. 12:9…so I am asking you to join me as I pray for so much grace for them as they venture off into so much unknown. As they’ve given away almost everything, I truly believe they will gain riches we can’t even comprehend. 

Goodbyes are so hard. Most of us cried. Especially our Daniel as he said goodbye to his godparents, they have guided and loved his vast passionate faith, and he is very close to them. 

We are so blessed by them. We love them so much. I guess I can’t even be eloquent tonight because I’m feeling a profound overwhelming feeling of happy and sad. I guess that’s the blessing of the best kinds of friends…the goodbyes always hurt. 

Daniel and his godparents…(this kid is super blessed to have two sets) 

Cabrini my beautiful goddaughter. 

Friends forever and ever. 


I love this family. 
I asked you to join me in praying for the Herrmann family as they begin their missionary work. And if you feel called to support them it would be such a blessing to their family, they have given up so much to serve but can’t do it without spiritual and financial help… http://HerrmannFamily.fmcMissions.com/