I’ve found one of the worst feelings in the world is feeling insignificant. 

Today I felt insignificant.

While I know it is a lie, and I hold significance in so many facets. And yet…

It is there. 

For a long time I couldn’t put it into words when I felt that way…but I think it’s always been there. I’ve always battled with these feelings.

And it is a battle. It a battle between the truth and lies. And on the days where it hits me, it hits hard. 

It takes the wind out of me and my heart physically aches.

And I try all the tactics I’ve learned the past year…I call the lies out one by one, and they march in front of me. I separate the feelings from the circumstance. And I do my best to hear the truth.

I do my best to know that until my dying day I will do my best to make people feel loved, and know their significance in this world…

Everyone should know this. 

Today I had that moment. That crystal clear thought “maybe I’m not significant enough…” And it hurt. 

But then I prayed. I prayed through the feelings and through the tears and I realized that the God who created me finds and knows my significance. 

And I read this Psalm and it spoke to me in and I wrapped the words around me…

“Oh Lord, you have examined my heart, and you know everything about me. 

You know when I sit down or when I stand up. 

You know my thoughts even when                     I am far away. 

You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. 

You know everything I do. 

You know what I’m going to say even before I say it, Lord. 

You go before me, and you follow me. 

You place your hand of blessing upon my head.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand.”

Psalm 139:1-6 

I could keep going as the words have continued to ripple over me. 

We are all significant to this world. And sometimes the knowledge that we are being led by a loving God who has a plan, whose plan we can’t even begin to comprehend is inconceivable. 

But it’s there. 

We are all significant. To others. To each other. To our future. 

To our God. 

And while the battle rages on, and the fiery lies take hold and steal our joy, we have the power to stand and speak the real to the loved starved to the anxiously broken, to those who have not ever comprehended their significance. 

We will guard ourselves with Truth.

We are loved. 

We are needed.

We are valued. 

And so very significant. 
We are worth fighting for.