My prayers are with the Four Marines and the Navy Officer, and their families killed at the hands of terrorist last week whose name is translated to “I’m a horrible evil asshole coward.”

I didn’t have access to a newspaper or TV most of past week and I have been leaving my cell phone and all technology in last place in my life…so I didn’t really hear about this horrific tragedy until yesterday. 

And I’m stunned. Stunned that the national media is more concerned with Donald Trump and things that truly aren’t newsworthy. This should be what everyone is talking about! Are we all so disengaged that we cannot see that our Men are being attacked in our country?!!! 

Today I saw the real heroes as there are local Veterans standing guard in front of our Recruiting Offices in my state. Because they have served. Because they care. Because they believe in America. 

I honestly think you should not  be elected president or even government if you haven’t served in a branch of the Military or haven’t been a civil servant. But because our nation is more focused on the VMA nominations and presidential candidates why don’t we focus on the brave people who serve our nation every day? 

And why don’t these candidates get off their asses and do something for our country rather than just talk? Blah, blah, blah, I’m sick of the talking. Do something! 

I could try to paint a pretty picture right now, and write something eloquent but the truth is there is no eloquence in violence and hatred. None. So I’m just pissed. 

We should all be outraged.

God Bless My America. We should say that with pride and joy, and find our patriotism again, by standing up for our troops and not cowering to political correctness and headlines. 
Thank you for serving your country- 

And May your Parade in Heaven be great… Thomas Sullivan, Squire “skip” Wells, David Wyatt, Carson Holmquist, and Randall Smith who passed earlier today. Thank you for your service and sacrifice- pray for me, and our country. I will pray for you and your families. 

May God have mercy on us all. And protect us.