Typically today I give you an opportunity to share a little of your real today- but today I asked for something different. I asked for you to share a charity or cause you give to- all of us have things we hold near and dear to our hearts AND often there is a reason we give to those organizations…

Only a couple people shared theirs but I recommend everyone give back. Whether it’s by volunteering your time, or in monetary ways we can all gain so much by giving.
“I give to Candlelighters(which is now called the American Childhood Cancer Association). There are different branches, but the Eastern Washington Branch helped my family during the worst time of all our lives.” -Kristy. 



After writing this challenge I had to think…and pray. We help friends who are missionary’s and we give our time in other ways. But the best thing we can do for each other when the other things are not an option is to pray. Which is why I won’t share my places I donate my time and money- instead I challenge you to find ones that mean something to you. 

And pray.

Really pray for each other. 

We can all use a little extra help in different times of our lives and what a difference it makes to be there for others…when they need us most. 

So today no fluffy stuff. Just prayer.

Happy Wednesday.